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Supporting Services

I love to help people to become more confident with themselves, learn how to  introduce healthy habits into their lives and to build a life that is satisfactory and financially rewarding.

If you are needing some inspiration here is how I can help!

Explore My Cooking Classes

Cooking for a Happy Healthy Body is more than just a cooking lesson!

It is a learning experience where you can prepare a selection of flavoursome dishes, increase your cooking skills and culinary knowledge AND nourish your body with wholesome food.

Classes are taught in your kitchen! By using your own kitchen, I can show you how to feel more confident when you are cooking by yourself.

Classes are suitable for all levels of cooking skills!  The recipes are individually tailored to suit your tastebuds and lifestyle. I focus on recipes that are easy to follow, prepare and are healthy and incredibly delicious!

Whether you are wanting to improve your cooking skills or looking for some inspiration, my cooking classes are lots of fun and the most enjoyable way to learn and nourish your body naturally!

Healthy Shopping Tours

Do you really know how to buy groceries for you and your family?

Healthy Shopping Tours

Together we can work on achieving your health goals in areas such as optimal weight, reduce food cravings, increase energy and maximise sleep.

Throughout the healthy shopping tour, you will develop a deeper understanding of food and healthy lifestyles that work best for you.

This educational tour will also support you in setting long-lasting healthy habits in your life as well as improve your energy and general wellbeing.

What is included?

  • Shop visit: Where you can learn about clean and healthy alternatives.
  • Label basics: Learn to read and understand food labels.
  • Healthy swap: Experiment and buy different products base on your lifestyle, time and bugged.
  • Healthy shopping list: Basic ingredients to have in your pantry
  • Easy cooking recipe: Nourishing and time-saving recipes.

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