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Hola I am Vanessa!

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I’m first and foremost a food lover who adores her fruits & veggies.

‘I am the type of girl who plans her holidays around discovering restaurants for inspiration and food safaris’.

Qualified as Nutrition Coach and Health Coach, Plant Based cooking certified and passionate about whole-foods. It’s my mission to take the fear and boredom out of healthy cooking, and teach a fresh approach to choosing the right foods.

My training as an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Health Coach through the Institute of Integral Nutrition – New York,  has provided me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching and the importance of maintaining an overall balance in our lives.

I am also a Certified Weight Loss Coach and Certified Preconception and pregnancy care , I use my education and experience, to work with clients on helping them to achieve real and lasting results in their lifestyle and diet.

I  love simple and easy cooking, so I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make my cooking less complicated and time-consuming, without sacrificing flavour or wholesomeness.

Born in Colombia, I am using my Latin-American roots to add more flavour and fun to cooking!

Discover how real food can be nourishing and inherently healthy, just real and fresh food that actually tastes amazingly delicious is my aim! Explore my services here. 

Remember that food alone will not completely nourish you. Finding the ideal balance between nutrition, personal growth, love  and all aspects about your life will.

This space is for you to achieve that balance and BE YOUR BEST VERSION ☺

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Let’s work on your best version.

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